Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Feel like plastic, its fantastic.

So I'm a simple girl. I want some cute black dress shoes. My dress shoes all old enough to be in kindergarten. I searched the grown up stores of Zappos and the likes and yet I'm a simple girl.. I find stuff at Le Target that I prefer more over the others.. I'm not sold yet.. I'm still searching and bookmarking. Its a hard line to find black dress shoes... they vary from dowdy to whore and I prefer neither. Then if you find one the shape you want it ends up having bling, bows or prom all over it. I have an idea in my head which makes it harder to find and I don't want f*ck me pumps cause I won't be so sexy laying in a heap on the ground after falling to my death, shoes flying off and stabbing me in the eye.


Blogger maitai said...

are you a barbie girl?

what's wrong with those lucite stripper shoes you posted there? i think they're super sexy!!!

check out www.piperlime.com for all sorts of different shoes also!

1:29 PM  
Blogger Shoes said...

I've looked there too but I'm going to look again.. Those lucite shoes are from Zappos, its hard to see but it has a slot that says tips that your money can go into...

1:49 PM  

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