Thursday, March 15, 2007

Nobody bakes a cake as tasty as a tasty cake...

Now I love me some Tasty Kakes… How many lunches were a chocolate chip snak bar… and mom who buys no snacks or treats would sometimes get Kandy Kakes which we all know is the best and rivels a cake version of Tagalongs but a case of these things… now that’s a bit much. That’s a habit that needs a twelve step program.
In college I'd have mom get me them and I'd hide them or else my dad and brother would down them.
I haven't had mom get me these to take back to STL in like 4 years but its time. I must share with the roomie, the joy that is a kandy kake...
I remember in elementary school Erin McMahon was a tastykake deliver person, she had the song and everything in her tastykake truck. Pure brilliance Erin's mom. It was a great costume.
Hostess ain't got jack on some Philly tastykakes... and this my friends possibly is my definition of perfection
because Turkey Hill rocks my world...


Anonymous Duane said...

Tell Mom to send some TastyKake's

9:09 PM  

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