Friday, March 23, 2007

Calling it crap

Went to the chiro... 5 xrays later and too much talking he popped my neck but I still feel achy.. hot heat he says so the icing last night, not good.
First he talks of my posture and need for orthodics. True and I think I will get them but that's not why I was there. Then my allergies.. He uses some ancient looking electro ray thing called a Vega test with little viles of stuff and has me hold a metal pole... Oh yeah... so he says, I'm allergic to wheat and that's what sets off my allergies and lactose crap. Possibly even my depression... I should consider no wheat for two months.. Okay right.... Can we talk about this... bare being the way I am or ask my loved one to give up wheat in our eatting.... By loved one i mean Boo, not roomie..then lets talk passover... try no wheat on passover is like being vegan at a meat fest.
So i leave and it was only 20 bucks copay...that I can deal with..when i get a bill later from insurance then we'll talk... I also am suposed to go back on monday and then any other time...


Blogger Nicole said...

That is INSANE. I can't believe he did that test on you. I have a friend who was tested for allergies in a similar way... it had something to do with putting objects in his hands and if that made his arms drop, he was allergic. People get paid actual money for this stuff. At any rate, I hope that you start feeling better. I can attest to the power of orthotics for improving aches. They really helped my back. I have one arch that's much flatter than the other and it throws off my gait.

1:48 PM  
Blogger Roni JJ said...

Wow, seems wierd if you ask me. I love my chiro ~ he works wonders on my back/neck issues. If you're ever over this way I'll get you an appt - LOL!!

Bummer that he didn't help you though. If by the next appt you don't get some relief I'd say find a different one. I get almost instant relief after going to mine.

5:33 PM  
Blogger daiva e said...

My nurse friend has a chiro that she adores. This guy doesn't do all the new age type stuff - he believes in modern medicine, but chiropractic as well. Not sure if he accepts any kind of insurance, though. I'll check if you want me to...

10:16 PM  

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