Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Is it a bit self centered?

A big trend in the scrapbook work is stuff about ourselves. Too express ourselves or to share with our kids in the future who we are or who they can't see we are so we make it clear to them.
Some of it though I think is us just wanting to make ourselves look good. Messing with taking pics to show how good we can look, accenting it and then getting to show it off to everyone else. Some of it stems from something I haven't yet experienced. Being a mom and wife and not feeling special or appreciated so we appreciate and make ourselves feel special with these pages/books. Its sort of look, world, myself, my children, I am someone. I am special. I am more than just a mom. Well of course. We are all more than one thing.. I started doing some of these layouts and felt too egocentric. Perhaps its luck or my own stupidity.. who knows. Too independent for my own good. Well, I'm 28, own my home and Boo is off at school. Thats just where I am right now.
Give me 10 years and I might be crying over the 15th load of laundry and fighting kids and I may need that therapy. I also might need that therapy to point out how much i love my kid because there are also the layouts declaring our kids' wonder and perfection in their imperfections.
See and you thought scrapbook was just recording events. Its freaking therapy man, communication and manipulating ourselves to seem better than we are. Which is fine cause ya know, our kids will think we suck which is another extreme we'd have to battle. We are not the worst mom ever... They say we suck, we say we are perfect and it will all even out in the middle in the end..right?


Blogger Roni JJ said...

Trust me, kids will make you need therapy of some sort but you're right. I think these self promoting lo's have gone a bit far. I don't nec. want everyone to know all of my inner thoughts of myself and every other little thing. Actually, some of that isn't anyone elses business but my own!

I'm a good mom dispite what my kids say about me. I know in my heart that even though I'm not their best friend and I don't let them do every little thing they want me to I do it for their own good and still love them. That's the best we can do!

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