Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Crafty Update

So I haven't been feeling the sharing but I've got a bunch going on.
In the knit world I made one sock and have cast on and started knitting the second.

I'm done my first skein of my cable scarf. I've been putting it off cause I think I should make the hat that goes with it before I continue the scarf so I know i have enough yarn.

I'm almost done my first skein of my feather and fan scarf.

I have another fan and feather scarf waiting to be put on the needles as well as 2-3 pairs of socks I want to make my mom from an assortment of cottons I've collected, mispurchased etc. I also have some yarn waiting to be knit from VT and my snake scarf has made little to no progress...I also need to start a little bag, camera case for duane... that will probably be a one sitting project so no biggy there.

I've been scrappy too... see my tortured pooches...


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