Monday, March 12, 2007

always feeling the jewish guilt

Actually I think it tends to be a sign of when I need to up my meds... like a first clue and this time I think I'll listen. I've found myself thinking of past friendships with complete guilt as if I'm the only one who has been the whole reason of falling outs or fading over time. I was even reflecting over my past job while in college.. its I guess I'll call up the shrink... apparently I have about a 6 month tolerance to prozac and then need upping... hence i was on it a few years, upped about ever 6 months until I reached max and then tried different meds until I could start the Zac again. This time though I have to say the rest of my sanity is fine and I firmly believe that the thing we called sleep/Lunesta has helped tremendously.
Plus the weather is getting nice and just like last year, i miss having my easily accessed, dog loving outdoor partner.


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