Thursday, March 22, 2007


So what was as sore neck two days ago has escalated to a sore shoulder too.. don't know what the heck I did but take a few aleve and I'm sure I"ll be fine.. that is if I my stomach doesn't revolt against the aleve.. My body is just funked up right now.
Went to dinner and see a house of friends. Love it. Felt so grown up. I don't feel that way about my own place but I'm also crammed into a smaller pit and well I like some not so mature stuff....When I have more rooms and space I can have a family room and a nice front room. For now its living room, scraproom, dining room combo.. and by dining room I mean we eat on the couch.
I did some yardwork during lunch and last night. I'm so in the zone for yard home improvements but its a waiting game with the weather. I should have done some indoor painting of trim this year but things like knitting and not knowing how to keep cats off of stuff kept me sidetracked.
Oh well, off to work and find that aleve.


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