Friday, March 02, 2007

Freaking wimp....

Well I'm a big old loser... I just got back from the concert that wasn't. I was going to see the apples in stereo at the duck room. I was very excited. I was enjoying Casper and Cookies and the insane bassist....who was wearing fake eyelashes and was pretty much reaching orgasm on stage. I then was about to pass out from cigarette smoke / heat. I went from fine to crap in 2.5 seconds. I was trying really hard to get over it.. I really wasn't getting over it.. so we left. I took the mature not idiotic route but I'm pretty pissed about it. Sure it was just a ten buck ticket but I've wanted to see them for a few years and finally was getting to plus I got to go the duck room which I shall never go to again since its gets too hot for my wimpy ass. I wasn't sure if i was going to puke or pass out and I removed my clothes and ran for air faster than Britney runs to a from rehab. This the second time this has happened. The other was 3 years ago at the House of Rock seeing Joe Dirt. Kara was much more attentive to making sure I didn't die than the guy I was with at HOR. I can't recall if alcohol was involved last time. This time i had a martini with dinner. Who knows if its related. Did i mention my pissedness... guess I'll get a full nights sleep before tomorrow's agility trial... blerg!


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