Friday, March 30, 2007

Questions of life

How many weight watcher points do you get back if you get ill after a G.D. bowl of cereal? I'm pretty sure I'm done with milk at this point in my or lactose free is going to be my new thing.
How long will it be for the burnt roof of my mouth to heal so i can eat comfortably?
How long between letter to neighbor to shed refinishing.... right away..woohoo!
How does a bird take to remake a nest that I knock down each night? 8 hours.
Does my cat like to be locked in the bathroom with me? Yes, as long as she's given love.
Who is a rockstar with her Pesach celebration? I am...because of me we will have three visitors for hebrewschool friend and her parents on different nights. I'm very excited.. we used to do all services together and such when we were younger. Plus my cousin Ali will be in on Monday.


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