Friday, November 03, 2006

Too many flies, too many flies, but its hot as hell in Philadelphia….

As one of the few folks who enjoys the soundtrack to 1776 and the forcing of watching it in Mr. Connor’s 9th grade history class I’m rocking out my 1776 cd stolen from my parents today…
“Piddle dwiddle nothing to resolve….” Seriously how do I like Digital Underground and John Adams – Mr. Feeney……
Maybe I should use the plucking violen song for forplay music… sorry that just wrong….

While you wait for the shuffle here is a question... Squirrels are now not appearing to trying to exit or enter my house...they made noise for one day after the wall was cardboarded out.. (normally they'd tear through the cardboard and then thats where they put the trap later...) So what do I do now... There is no sign of torn cardboard...Maybe they kicked the bucket quickly and I have rotting squirrel flesh in my attic. Do I call and say make repairs and forget the I say, just put the trap above Kara's room where we previously hear noises...What is a girl to do???

Onto the Friday shuffle,
Let you Down -Dave Matthews
BYOB – System of a Down…what in the hell…. This must be a left over from Duane….
I can see clearly now – Johnny Nash
Stir it up – Bob Marley
Fire and Desire –Rick James and Tina Marie
Work it – Missy Elliot
20 cases of suggestive reasoning – Apples in Stereo
This is your night – Amber
Follow your bliss –b52s
Lady – D Angelo.


Blogger waterfaerie84 said...

Love your title artwork. Very interesting blog.

I lament the squirrels, but good luck to you in being rid of them. ;)

11:56 AM  
Anonymous Jenn said...

I LOVE 1776! I've seen it 20 times and I still get all teary when they're signing and the bell is ringing, or when they're singing that song about "mama come find me"....OMG now I'm teary again. I can't wait to see Independance Hall on Sunday!

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Duane said...

I can see at least (5) five Duane left overs...

5:09 PM  

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