Friday, November 03, 2006

Working Together

So its been a week in the severe training world.... I've popped in disk 3 of Dog Whisperer episode 23 must be watched again...The basic gist is that I've got to be in charge and Riley has to get to know it. Outwaiting his insanity can be a pain but then again when Riley only pees after work he now gets caged for a few hours. He doesn't get walked every hour... if i don't get to spend time with him thats his lose. He does love being in his cage but I do think he loved people more. He has not been out of my sight for more than a shower so as far as potty training goes who knows how he is doing. He hasn't had the chance to fuck up yet.
His improvement has come in less fear in the going for the walk. He will come to me. Starting this week he ran back to his cage and i had to go get him....he's getting better at not doing it.
I've done alot of ignoring and patience....he's barked less. He still barks alot but he is barking less.
I really don't get what happens to the dogs on dog whisperer...its like immediate transformation....meanwhile it takes us normal people forever to get things to happen... Simon i trained most things within an hour... Riley I'm on year two almost....
So the walks are helping. Realistically the walks are important and good for both me and the boys. Its hard to do with both boys but seperately won't work..the boys will need to learn to work together and behave together...
So much to achieve.... Simon on the other hand has had a bad week and even he chewed a pad while I was home tonight. In ways i think he is acting out against the other person and their cat... on the other hand, there is just more tempting trash, wayyy more than before... A smart move would just be to get the trash cans with the lids... Perhaps on my walmart list for the weekend.


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