Wednesday, November 29, 2006

You got a real kind of thing going down, there's a whole lot of rhythem going round

Have you seen my energy…. I think I used it up yesterday. I moved my entire bedroom around in order to build a cage for Marin to stay in while she visits and then take home with her… Marin is Boo’s iguana. As you all know Coconut passed on and Pickles moved home to PA where he is delighted in his harem. I had to move dressers and instead of doing things the right way I did it my way and in a Ross Pivot episode worth effort broke a leg off of my dresser… I think some glue and it being on the back leg it will all be fine.. had I been smart I would have removed the drawers first but there was a huge lack of space in my room with a 32x32 by 52 cage as well as riley’s cage, mildew’s barstool and oh yeah, me and my bed.
The cage is pretty sweet and I wish I had it when I had coconut. Its very contained and although not perhaps the recommended huge size it would have been fine for and possibly better since she wouldn’t have been able to fling herself 5 feet away from her heat.
I also put in an hour and a half OT in yesterday which I finished up after the massive room move.
I’m really going to share pics of our trip and my yarn aquiring but I need to take pics of the yarn and Boo has the camera which will come home tonight. I can show you I got 4 skeins of this... Mille Colori got any suggestions for use? 3 have no blue in them and I like that so I have one that I plan to not use the blue in like 375 yards worth..
So I’m trying to get my energy together at work and Parliament isn’t helping it. I mean if Parliament can’t give you energy, what can?


Blogger Leigh said...

I'm debating on using my Mille Colori for either a(nother) pair of socks, or gloves... not sure yet. I'm leaning toward socks. Just seems comfy. May I just say - love the graphic up top. Can't go wrong with David Bowie in Spandex!!!

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