Friday, November 17, 2006

About laying on your back.

So last night as I took the lunesta slumber I so readily enjoy I tried to find a comfy place to sleep. I had noticed my neck had been hurting and was sure it was sleep related. I went over in my mind conversations held with Boo. He's a back sleeper. I'm a stomach or fetal position sleeper. I can't sleep on my back with my head facing up.. Its tense for me.. I feel like I'm balancing my head to stay up. Its just ten pounds too much. Now sleeping on your back with you head a full 90 degrees to the side, that won't be good for your neck either. I would like to be a back sleeper. I'd also like to be the commercials and sleep with my eyes looking towards the ceiling. Okay maybe not looking to the ceiling while sleeping cause that would mean you'd be an eye openner sleeper and thats just creepy.
Most of the time I can't get the pillow neck proportion right either.. on the whole lack of pillow with maybe a little at the top fo my head feels best. I also tend to sleep with my face facing whatever side doesn't have more bed..or couch. I can switch bed sides but i must face outward.... Its a breathing issue I think.. or a retard issue... Maybe I need a really good pillow.... yeah cause jewish cheap chic will go all fancy... Most pillows feel fine to me until i use them for a bit....Next week I'm in VT where i get a down pillow, maybe I ought to try the back sleeping shtick again...don't wait with baited breath for the update... i don't get on the internet up there much....


Blogger Roni JJ said...

I have trouble with the whole pillow/neck issue too. My neck has been killing me and I'm not sure why. I tried fluffing the pillow, changing where I rest my head, etc. Nothing has helped so far. I think I want to try one of those micro foam pillows...the one that retains the shape of your head.

Often wondered about those beds/ could make some really interesting designs in them - LOL!!! What a pic that would make ;)

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Blogger ComfyRest said...

There is one alternative for sleeping that more than likely you are not aware. Estimates are that 20% of the population are stomach sleepers. I invented the SquidFace and ComfyRest pillows to alleviate the pain from my herniated disk while lying on my stomach in the sun with my head turned to the side to breathe. They are the only pillows that allow a stomach sleeper to truly sleep facedown with having to strain their neck by turning their head to breathe. They can be viewed at

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