Monday, November 13, 2006

Whining and complacency

1. Animals are retarded....Riley is rubbing himself on the bed, Zigggy on my jeans cause its already pajama time.
2. I really want to go dancing... I haven't gone in 2 years... I don't care if you think I look silly and contrary to my musical enjoyment I don't drop it like its hot. Unfortunately no one i know likes to dance...people I'm way too young to be in knitting on a Saturday night.
3. I'm hunkering in to work for the night, nothing like a 12-13 hour monday. I don't mind the extra work. Money is good
4. I need to wrap up my shoeboxes and donate the kid boxes this week.
5. Kara let the gate down today and Simon didn't touch Ziggy's food. YAY!
6. And finally I received a dress form from Roni today....its for a craft project and is like 12 inches high.... Its totally if i would stop the knitting and get crafty again....


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