Sunday, April 01, 2007

Martini, two, please

I'm here in PA less than 3 hours and I pretty much wanna off myself, never have kids and never leave my home in STL.
Driving through the northeast makes me want to vomit. Its dirty, its fallen apart it build up with buildings in disrepair. Talking with mom just makes me depressed as hell..
Anyways 7 days of this is gonna be interesting... I've got no friends here since all have spread out in life. Or I've outgrown them and vice versa. The only person I know here I've only hung out once so ya know...weird... or not, who knows.
I'm gonna need to do something to zone out.. I realize I spent much of high school glued to the tv or glazing over listening to music, daydreaming..I believe thats called avoidance.
Anyway I've got cable. I'm in the middle of the Time Travellers wife... I've got no choice, survive or blog immensly... its a draw...right now its time for food and then I get to cook for tomorrow... mom's sick so we won't have her baking and cooking...
So thats my post. I, like dear eddie izzard like to finish my show with a "eh" kinda feeling.
Thank you and goodnight...Expect crazy posts throughout the week...


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