Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm gonna do some of this

if you want to add anything I'll be sending out some bags next week

"Thank you so much for your awesome (and quick) response to the Mozambique Goodwill Goodie Bag idea.

The details:
1. Size/weight is important. I'll be taking these bags with me in my one, giant duffel. Please make sure your goodie bag isn't larger than a quart sized Ziplock bag. I mention the Ziplock because even if you decide to package these in something the same size (which is great!) please consider putting everything in a Ziplock to minimize any spills. A quart bag is 7 inches wide by 8 inches tall.

2. Please do not include money. Thank you anyway! I have a long list of charities I work with, if you are interested in that regard.

3. Please don't forget the card/photo and note. These must be in Portuguese because Moz is a Portuguese speaking country. You can translate your letter here: http://world.altavista.com/

4. Things to consider including: pencils, soap (they really need soap), a washcloth, a small t-shirt, bandannas, band aids, chapstick, hair ties, stickers, gum, art supplies, etc. This will take some creativity considering the size of the goodie bag. Hotel-sized toiletries are great too! Such a great challenge!

5. Please do not include: any medication, money, razors, anything you wouldn't hand your own 7-year-old child.

6. It is great if you want to include more than $10 worth of stuff. I'm certain the orphanage director will figure out a way to distribute everything. However, it would be even better if your stuff was about $10 in value. It just makes everything easier.


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