Sunday, April 01, 2007

Every inch of me has been coated in gratefruit juice

Whew do I need a break.. I've been cooking for the last 2.5 hours. I've made about 50 meatballs, peeled and sectioned 6 grapefruits and worked on macaroons. I even took pics of me making meatballs and decided i should so make a zinfully jewish entry if Duane allows it.... Israeli meatpie on tuesday is is mindy with her hands stuck in 3 lbs of hamburger meat.
We've listened to all of my Scissors Sisters, School House Rock and now are on 42nd street.....
I've also painted my toe nails to my father great dismay... when I was in high school wanting to do it my mom told me I couldn't cause my dad doesn't like it cause only tramps paint their toe nails..Fantastic right? Should we discuss how his sisters paint their toenails also... hmmm???


Anonymous Duane said...

Why, of course you can do a Hebrew Zinful entry. I would be honored

12:05 AM  

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