Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Taking surveys avoids thinking..

Meme from kara... she interviewed me.. if you want me to interview you ask in the comments.

1. Why won’t Riley Pants shut the hell up?
Riley is an autistic dog. I'm convinced of it... or he's like one of those kids on tv who has no social skills from not being loved enough as a baby...
2. Yarn Dyeing, knitting, scrapbooking - have you met a hobby you didn’t like?
Wire work...oh wait, i'm sort of doing that again with stitch markers. anything requiring sanding. Dog Brushing....Don't really like crochet very much....Sucked at baking/decorating said baking...remember the halloween incident of 2006... Pumpkin muffins a flurry and icings and sprinkles tosses in the trash...
3. What’s your earliest musical memory?
I can't really recall. I remember going to summer concerts alot as a kid... Oldies night was the best cause at least i then recognized the songs...They usually were at high schools or libraries...probably now I'd think they suck...
4. What’s your favorite book and why?
A tree grows in brooklyn. Fantastic imagery... I just can't explain it.. its like being there in Brooklyn in the beginning of the century.
5. Now that you’ve adopted Mildew the Cat, would you consider rescuing another stray cat in a similar situation?
No. Too many pets... I only can give out so much love and the crafts take up one and half animals so in theory I'm a crazy animal lady with like 5 pets.. 2 dogs, a cat, knitting and a half, and scrapping... and don't forget about the dusting and vacuum hobbies... I love them the bestest.


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