Thursday, April 19, 2007

Basic Human Etiquette

At a work place with a $400,000 modern art like addition on its building you do not put your coat on your Herman Miller chair, you don't leave you place a mess, you don't curse every other sentence. You do not ignore your coworkers and you do not leave the building without letting someone know. When the clients call, people ask, we need to know where you are....without having to reference your calendar all the time. This is not rocket science.
Today I was treated with such disrespect because of one of the above issues. The most non issue seeming one. I set off Mr. Hyde and had to deal with or "not" deal with the results all day. I was actually in a good mood all day laughing at its absurdity... now its getting to me. Sure its the other person's issue if they are upset by a slight request in a business but I'm still bugged. I was shocked even though its happened before but now its turning to feeling really repulsed. I shouldn't be treated like that and I shouldn't have to curb my managing skills for fear of setting of Mr. Hyde. I'm sure its been spun to the bosses that I was so rude but my comment was addressed in an office wide memo weeks ago and I have also asked other employees to also follow it when they forgot about the memo.
I haven't contacted my bosses outside of work in about 2 years. Issues before then were all poor communcations and since we worked out being more communicative and trustworthy all has been good. Tonight, I sit here for the first time in years wanting to contact them and ask why should i be treated like this. I haven't done anything wrong. Sure I'm not perfect but this is just ridiculous. We aren't 9 years olds... we can't have hissy fits and frankly only parents should have to deal with that crap cause they can smack it out of them. (sarcasim folks, I'm not suggestiong beating your kids) I'm not going to contact them but I needed to get this out. If this wasn't a work situation I'd have all sorts of head swinging words to be had. I reallllly want to ask if their email is working, when they say yes then I say, then you got that memo last week please abide by it. that or Bitch were you born a barn, you can't treat people like that, livestock maybe, people, no.


Anonymous Brown said...

That shit needs to be addressed by management. Once it affects CUSTOMERS, it should be end of story.

8:25 AM  
Blogger Shoes said...

Yeah, I'm partially managment but not taken seriously... as far as I know it hasn't effected clients but makes me nervous none the less... you can be pissy with someone who's paying you.

9:00 AM  
Blogger Shannon said...

I'm horrible with being pissy and saying "no" a lot at all my jobs. I inform my boss of things, like when I'm taking vacation and so on instead of asking. I tried really hard to change here, but honestly I just got walked over when I played the good peon. So I went back to my ways, said "no" when something sounded ridiculous or I didn't have time, and gave them a verbose intelligent response as to why I say no. My desk too untidy? Well, take "task A" away from me and I'll have time to upkeep with your facist ways. Coat on my chair? Well, there better be cube pegs in all the new cubes or else that is where it will be. And turn the A/C down if you don't want me huddled in a blanket all day.

Yet I still get stellar reviews, even when I'm planning on getting fired. Man, I'm such a bitch.

12:20 PM  
Blogger Shoes said...

Oh I'm pissy and I say no but ignoring people doesn't work. I work in an open body is hidden nor is their yeah we need to hang up coats but we also get alot of perks and freedoms.

2:37 PM  

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