Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Truffle Shuffle

I'm a bit tired from my exciting life of yarn and good weather so I'll make this short. Mountain Dew Amp..makes me feel like I've got a margarita at 9 am... i like it...

Dyed three skeins last night.. one will be second coated to make it tealer its a 100% merino, not superwash...the others are superwash.. one is for my coworker Ode to Pat in the center and one i call affectionately Kentucky Fried Camilla is for moi....Good thing cause its not perfect stripes... a little red and blue dots made their way onto the white...very little but the perfectionist in me wouldn't sell or give it.

I've got two repeats of Zokni damn easy and pretty..and yarn is dyed by me on Superwash sock yarn which makes it neater for me.

I picked up the magazine I'm in yesterday...they named the layouts... one is called super mommy... ha!! I just submit the photos and what i used and they make it all instructional and named...
For anyone keeping track this is my 4th craft publishing... I was in 3 other books for scrapping and this is my first magazine plus the one episode on DIY years ago that an iguana layout got on... fun stuff...

Onto the shuffle
  1. Please, please, please – James brown… anyone remember rudy or maybe olivia/raven on cosby show singing it….
  2. What’s Golden Jurassic 5
  3. Still Life with Cooley – Better than Ezra
  4. Stuck in the middle with you – Stealers wheel
  5. Smack Dab in the middle –The I -10 Chronicals
  6. Two Guys for Each Girl – Peaches
  7. I like to move it Reel to Real
  8. Walking After Midnight – PatsyCline
  9. I feel the earth move – Carol King
  10. Problem Girl – Rob Thomas


Blogger nicole said...

Zokni looks fantastic -- your yarn looks really nice with that pattern. Oh, and congrats on being published! Bring the magazine to knitting group so we can get a look at it.

12:57 PM  
Blogger Ann said...

It looks like a mad scientist's laboratory. I dabbled a bit last summer dying some yarn. I didn't get past the Kool Aid stage but I had great fun and loved the bright colors.

Published? I'm impressed!

9:48 PM  

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