Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ah spring

where the birds chirp and the bugs go crazy and my f-ing neighbor is all weird....lonely retirees should go volunteer somewhere and not my back yard. Last night I mowed the lawn and even used the weedwacker... My mother called and I turned my tools off and answered the phone.. I couldn't hear shit cause the crazy neighbor decided that was a good time to trim my parking spot/back of my fence...So I ran off with my phone ignoring dogs barking, mom barely able to use a damn cell phone and neighbor whacking off....those things shouldn't have set me off but they did... probably because they all interrupted my zen gardening which is a timed activity until the sinus police show up and slap me with a migraine. Luckily last night the coppers didn't show up so for that I am grateful like casey jones... or not cause I doubt he was grateful considering his untimely demise...


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