Thursday, April 05, 2007


So I'm waiting for the lunesta to kick in.. considering its 2:30 its not going well.. I keep not being able to sleep because I'm room designing in my head.. my parents house, sigh, what can be said.. "its good wallpaper" "its good furniture" "i don't have the energy to do anything and your father won't help" To that, its not goodwallpaper or furniture...its 30 years old and although it was good at the time life has moved on and the paper is peeling in every room, the furniture is kept together with scotch tape and is varnish is worn off. Its embarrassing....
My dad has 30 years of chesslife and runner's world and since he has run out of space in the den his bedroom now has wire shelves overpouring with magazines. Because my mom can't get enough space in the den or my dad is monopolizing the desk she has gone to the dining room. She uses an old tv unit to store her boxes of junk. Each room has cardboard boxes "to be gone through at some point" Great..... so when I have 2.5 kids, a hubby and they are senile and crankier, then we can go through it..
Its embarrassing, its like their homeless people within a house and have become the people they mocked. Hell I'm pretty sure some of my grandparents room's are more up to date then my parent's rooms. Sure they say someday they'll have money to do it but will they have more energy, will my dad lend a hand, will my mom's RSD and Fibromylgia have gone of course by then my brother may have moved back in and will live here till he kicks it and I won't have to worry about it... right?


Blogger Shannon said...

When I go to my inlaws house, that is exactly what I think. Especially the "I'd rather do this NOW, then when I need to take care of them or "something" happens". I just want to take all the junk and a garbage truck and clear them out. My father inlaw is so bored now he goes to the thrift store and buys junk, and there is nowhere to put it. But he got a good deal on that ceramic deer, only $.50! They are overwhelmed by crap, and they do try to pass it on to us. My FIL won't get rid of ANYTHING since he's so sentimental. Like the old broken black and white tv in the garage, you know those HUGE things. He has a house of broken up old junk that he can't part with. My poor MIL gave up and just lets him keep it to keep the peace and occasionally smuggles out something without him noticing. Lately she has just given up because she has no help or support from the people who live there :( Totally sucks.

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Blogger Shoes said...

Good lord...I hope we don't become this... you'd think that our parents generation would have gotten better after dealing with their own parents but its so not true....sigh....

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