Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I treat you like milk, do nothing but spoil ya.

So here in the Crafty Household we are getting our rap on. The roomie is downstairs getting her sewing craft on so there is no noise pollution for her. I'm dying yarn with a new base that I'm not digging, knitting and Mildew the Jewish African American Cat is actually chilling right next to hip hop central. Kinda of odd. We barely see her but if I'm alone she hangs out on the couch, even with the Crap Rap playing next to her. She particularly liked the 69 Boyz. Thats her to the left, she'd doing the roger rabbit.
Me, Miss Crap has been a busy little bee. Made hat thats to small for me, been working on a scarf, working on holiday gifts. Work has been keeping me more busy that a ho having a half price sale. Due to upcoming surgery and scheduling issues I have changed my Turkey Day plans. Boo's family will be in VT over Jesus Day so I will be going out there then.
So you ask, "well Miss Crap, what will you do on turkey day?" My Jesus Day ritual. Horror movies. I had a few offers for places to take me in but honestly I'm exhausted and some time alone with the herd would be nice. You could almost say I'd be grateful for it..
badum ching, Phoebe Banana Hammock out.. peace and humptiness forever...


Blogger kim4life said...

It is nice to just have some time to sit and let the world pass by. The yarn colors look nice. I hope they turned out well.

7:06 AM  

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