Friday, November 02, 2007

Boobie Ray

So I've been a good quite girl lately, without a worry in the world even though I had a breast lump, ultrasound and then a biopsy. I had a core biopsy and it came back negative. Woo...then the dr calls and says its Sclerosing adenosis and that i should get it removed... Seems retarded to me. I had the option of removal or core biospy.. I chose core... now since its negative and not really anything they want it all removed...had it been positive, they'd probably want it removed. So either way it seems like I should have had it removed in the first place, so why the option. Now I'm all bijigity and don't feel that I need to have it removed and its just an ass coverage move...
Ass coverage is not something I really want to do. Ya know, with all the invasion, time off and just whatever.....
Okay lookin it up more it seems like its not just could turn to something...Wish when I was passed out for this they could remove birthmarks at the same time.. pansy people, i am a pansy, well and only some places even mention is possibly becoming something. My arm may possibly fall off but its doubtful.
After talking with family and folks, I'm not getting it removed..besides the fact that I no longer feel any of it...if it grows then we will see but right now it appears they sucked most of not all of it out.


Anonymous Brown said...

You should slap your doctor for that one. Either way, good news is you found it early and are getting it the hell out of there. Hang in there!

7:32 AM  
Blogger Roni JJ said...

Holy shit woman, why didn't you say anything :S
Ya ding bat, you gotta let people know this kind of least me!!!!!!!!!
I'm glad it's not the big C and there is nothing wrong with being cautions. I think alot of surgeries are done for CYA on the dr's side.

5:09 PM  

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