Friday, December 22, 2006

so a jew walks into a church....

Friday Four....cause I couldn't get through my ipod without distraction....
Excuse me Miss – Jay-Z
Batter- Up – Nelly
I’m finding it harder to be a gentle man – white stripes
Bop gun – parliament

So my mom emailed me this morning. She lost her job. She was a one-on-one with an autistic boy. I don't think the job was good for her and pulled her down more than she already is at. It really angers me how my dad's poor business hasn't closed down or sucked it up and started paying him....well he gets paid and doesn't bring it home because he knows the business can't take it... yeah, what kind of book keeping is that. He hasn't had a steady paycheck in 10 years. They depend on a substitute teacher salary cause he does stupid shit...I guess i don't have patience with people who can't suck up responsibility and doing what should be done. It hits home hard for me.... Oh well. My arm is feeling better after a massage last night. Don't know if i can knit but I can type so that’s good. No plans for the next four days. Basically not giving a shit is my MO right now.... So it will be me, crafts and books and the roomate... no family, boyfriends, work... And I don't plan to worry about any of them cause I'm like that. Conceded!


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