Monday, December 18, 2006

Bad mood bears....

Okay ever rip out your Cause it feels like I've done that. I hurt it moving last time and its not been the same since.... I think because of knitting its hurting a lot more or it could be from walking retard and retard. I just about pummeled them tonight on our walk. Currently Retarded Dog 1 is sequestered in his cage from not pooping. Retarded Dog 2 formally known as Mr. Perfect is hiding on my bed. I radiate anger and they get to stay the F away.
I spent a very long day at work, I had a very long day in relationship world, I had an over two hour meeting that was a waste of my time for about 2 hours. I get to my desk twenty minutes after quitting time and ready to rush out to come home and do hannukah. Then Miss Hour late comes down and asks if I'm leaving. "yes, of course" "Oh well can you do this rendering tomorrow then"
Yes I can do it tomorow...but it takes me like 2 hours for the previous ones I did so don't ask me after quitting time... She work normally in another state and when she comes in to work in the office she hasn't got a desire to run home and continuously rakes me or others into staying late when she stays cause she's higher up. Totally unfair...that and when she comes in town the whole office stops like the second coming has arrived.
I stay about 20 minutes late at least 4 times a week. I just finished getting the work presents for the bosses, wrapping then, bringing them to the office, putting them away after opening, organized holiday party, picked up holiday party stuff and got stuck with setting out leftovers during lunch per bosses request. So no, I'm not staying late for no other good reason than you don't have somewhere better to be. I do!


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