Monday, December 25, 2006

Rainy Day Monday

So pretend you don't do really would feel like a movie hot cocoa saturday.... I'm almost donea book I've been reading since I jacked my arm up. I'm totally feeling the Labrynth watching.....Its only been a month since I saw it last. I could also do Big Trouble in little China or Clash of the Titans although I don't own that one...Willow would be good too or Conan the Barbarian.. can you tell what kind of chick I am. I also could go for a tv series all day but right now all we have is How I met you mother and a show about relationships aren't my cup of tea at the moment.
I could also do Xmen three as I keep feeling like Warren Worthington III/Angel...ya know the guy who pops wings out of his shoulder blades...
Oh and note to self.... remember to put the heat on a regular temp instead of the temp that is at when I'm at work on a was bloody cold this morning...


Anonymous Meshee said...

OH I just want the beginning of Conan.... when he's strapped to the wheel and pushing it around and around for a decade. Stop motion please

5:46 PM  

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