Sunday, December 24, 2006

Too many monkeys on the bed

The animal mojo in Chez Shoes is all a flurry. I just had all four animals on my bed... which was preceded by both dogs playing with Ziggy... Remember Simon the dog afraid of ziggy... they played.. WTF. Mildew and Ziggy are playing too.. Guess Jesus brought peace to the jewish home for xmas....
The arm is still jacked. I managed to knit a little today but when I tried the fetching which is by nature a tight knit I couldn't do it. I did however finish a layout I started this week and did a simple layout of Ziggy. Lately layouts are sitting on my desk and taking a month to do...So many of my layouts are heritage family which is a joke as i sit here 900 miles away from my crazy family planning on adopting which will mean my heritage means nothing....Of course where I adopt from and with whom is up in the air. My boss had the brilliant question of are there many orphans in Israel. He was going with the Jewish angle. Not that I'm really thinking seriously about anything like that at the moment I thought it was a cool view to be had by him.
Off to read some more. I've been reading like a fiend since I'm gimping...I catch myself holding the book with my left hand and hurting so I'm a bit slow in the leaving the arm alone... I'm reading a book I've read before Stones from the River but I didn't realize it when I bought the book. Its still a nice read for me so I guess I'm all good.


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