Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I'm not Annie Potts

So today I went to Target for one of those massive needs trips... Then there was the non need but total want. Ghostbusters I and II for 10 bucks. Been on my Amazon list for a while. I don't own many movies with an all human cast so this would fit under my regular genre of shite movies. Quality movies are not movies I like to watch over again. Besides its got Peter MacNicol and he's a funny little man... Chicago Hope, Dragon Slayer... he almost made me want to watch Ally McAnorexic but not enough to watch those duck lips.
Anyway couldn't find it... bummer dude....I found about 500 kids hopped up on candy and having xmas money burning in their pockets. I managed to not smack any of them and got out unscathed...that is until I saw them... the 2006 couple of the year...... Basically she was a large chocolate woman looking like Starr Jones but with a cheaper hair piece, a blinged out cancer purse and the skirt that let me know at least she wasn't wearing a thong...she did however have the cottagecheese dimples all on display through her gray skirt. He was a 6 foot greasy white guy.... shoulder length hair and possibly about to faint from the lack of nutrition in his body...He was at least dressed snazzily to go with Starr. Usually Starr hangs with Mr. Paint on His Jeans, Ripped Tazmanian Devil T-Shirt....The vision will stay with me for a long time.... cheese people, cottage cheese....


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