Tuesday, December 19, 2006


So I saw an HOHOHO card upside down and Walmart... I thought a far better card would be OHOHOH hope your Christmas is "exciting."
I also just want one of those fruity multi color candy canes. I'm craving them... I'm sure I'll have two licks and my craving will be gone... I told Kara to look out at her work and steal one if she sees it. :)

So here is my xmas list...its two long..
Favorite Song:
Christmas Wrapping
Favorite Movie:
Santa Klaus (1985)

I hurt my shoulder somehow, or multiple somehows. I think I have to put down the knitting for a bit. Roni's Xmas present will be late but she'll forgive me cause she's good like that.. :) Its kinda of a grouping of things. I hurt my shoulder when I moved...Walking the dogs with that arm, knitting and sleeping on it/popping it I think are making it worse. I did almost nothing last night but watch tv cause it hurt so much...I did layout out the beginning of a layout and put together a package of goodies for Daiva and Roni for xmas. Daiva's is just some layouts and some small goodies. Roni's is more because we go out on the gifts and I like to try to one up her :P
I also tried to order my supply of cardstock for the year...the stuff I know I'll use like crazy... 100 sheets of KMA's Barley paper, 50 sheets of bazzil which unfortuantly i got the wrong one and its not the basket weave which means its stripe and i can't use it in both directions, 50 sheets dark cocoa KMA cardstock and just a few various red/brown huges of bazzil, again not the right weave.
I also got a new blade from my cricut and attempted to buy another mat but messed up and bought the trimmer which I gave to Kara....If i ever get to michaels or walmart maybe I can get another mat. As if I'll get there any time soon :P Christmas+ the great unwashed=Big No!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also love "Christmas Wrapping."
Hard to believe "The Waitresses"
released that song 25 years ago.

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bummer on the shoulder. I wrenched my shoulder years ago and if I'm not careful, it acts up now and then. Give it some rest, take ibuprofen (if your stomach can handle it). You can also alternate heat and cold for some relief. Works for me.

7:41 PM  

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