Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sushi Died

Mom's fish Sushi died...guess who named it.. yeah. me... He was two... he was a good betta.. RIP.
What was sadder than his death was having to pick out a new one with mom.... Oh the decisions.
Rosh Hashanah has been good. I'm not a fan of seeing all the engaged or knocked up people I knew... are we that old.. yep.. we are.
Mom had me making some art for her wall in the her porch. Its has to be cheap and tossable because it could get mildew. I took tissue paper, matte medium and ranger's color sprays and made some art. If i call it art, it is... I also stamped on it with some acrylic paint. I got a spec of orange dye on me. Fuck. I really would liek to stop ruining kmart basic edition white t's. Thank goodness I go the Kmart route all the same cause like my life partner... ah hem, just kidding, I spill stuff on me. I'm messy and dang it i'm proud.
Buby and I hung out on the porch talking life while I worked. Most about my brother who has called like 3 times today and wants mom to call about a dr appt for him on Monday. Mom said he should do it or his girlfriend. He said it wasn't the girlfriend's responsibility and if she was a good mom she'd do it cause its her job to take care of her kids... He's 25. He's no kid. Take care of yourself.
Apparently many folks like my dad and my brother and his girlfriend think mom's mean not to let them move into the house. Gee cause she wants to be a slave? Cause thats what she is to him. My old friend Marne used to say its amazing i turned out so normal so to speak. I forget this at times. Its true. I know you think I may have issues but I don't want my life taken care of by my mom. Sure we'd all like to be 10 again and carefree but thats not a choice so suck it up baby and grow the fuck up.


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