Friday, July 03, 2009

French, like the toast

July 1
I’m currently somewhere over Canada knitting away and the stewardess told me that if we have turbulence I should be them away cause I’ll get hurt. I’m thinking I won’t tempt fate when I return and will check in my knitting rather than lose my hard work.
I apparently am a country bumpkin also because I’m all impressed with the individual videos with touch screens. Thus far I tried to watch Valkrye and stopped and have watched the changling…meh….
We got to Philly to meet up with my parents pretty quick since we both fell asleep immediately after we sat down on the plane. I give kudos to philly airport with their recycling cans. They aren’t enough around to regular trash cans but it’s a start. I also saw a recycle bin at the baseball game last Friday. I get super peeved at public places where we obviously buy lots of bottles of drink and have to toss it in the regular trash. We also met up with the folks with ease since the air france line was closed for a while so we couldn’t check in immediately. We actually just ran into each other in line so that worked out well. Mom of course make me look quiet but I just knit and nod, its not too bad. Then again they are rows away from us and yet I can hear mom talk.
Off to knit some more, or stab an eye out.


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