Sunday, July 26, 2009

Simon sees dead people...

Okay he doesn't... but he looks at our ceiling like there are creepy souls on it...I blame the audio system in the other room. Tonight I decided to try Operation Kill Ghosts.... I fear my dog ages with stress as he sees dead children on my ceiling... so as Boo is gone i unplugged his sound system... We figure it still emits sound when turned off... Nope, not it.. Simon is still seeing dead people... I have three other options to try which i hope to do cleverly so that the husband doesn't notice... they being turn off the playstation all the way off (as it button in the back), turn off u-verse box (does it still record this way)?, hire ghostbusters... frankly if its the playstation that would be great, turning it off all the way would be a simple solutions. Having thought it was the sound system there was no solution to this problem so I'm in a way relieved.. although poor Simon, he still stares at the ceiling with its creepy ghosts.


Blogger Shannon said...

I'd leave the u-verse on, it won't record when off, and if it is anything like my tivo, it takes a year and a half ot reboot.

8:59 AM  
Blogger mr. magoo said...

is it possible he's hearing something hanging out in your attic?

dog i had growing up could hear grubs (?) deep in the ground. she would dig until she killed them. it was strange.

3:57 PM  

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