Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tales of the Crazy dog lady

I'm heading the IL tomorrow for an agility practice. For safety reasons that means breaking out the dog seatbelt. Item a)
I swear I don't use this thing right because if slip the belt through it the dogs are pulled down to the seat with no ability to move. Oh and if you are laughing, stop. How horrid would i feel if I got in a car accident and lost my dog.. Its happened before and Mr. Duane and convinced me to change my ways a few years back.
Looking at Item B
It looks like they have on of those carabiner hooks as part of it.. I could totally do this with the dogs, it comes with a metal loop and I'd surely be able to hook it to the seat. That would let use hook the dogs up before they get in the car which would be way helpful. Right now the current set up is a pain for both the dog getting latched in and other visitors to my car.
So I'm asking opinons, buy two carabiners or buy two new seatbelts that come with it.


Blogger Rachel said...

I had a dog harness that just had an extra loop at the back to run the seat belt through. I'm not sure how safe it would be in an accident but it kept the animal from roaming around the car, but still able to move.

10:27 AM  

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