Friday, July 24, 2009

When the cat's away...

I love my husband I truly do but I also savor the house to myself. So while he is being a very nice and upstanding guy in the city of sin I get to do what I want for four days. Not that I can’t do what I want all the time but there is just something different about being alone. Granted there are lots of things I have to do
Agility show in Collinsville tomorrow – probably won’t even show til 3:30 or later which is a total bummer. Last time I showed that late we bombed. I will attempt to not go to the show til late so the dog doesn’t stress himself into exhaustion but I will be stressed until I’m at the show.
Better than Ezra concert which I am attending as my other third and my better half both want to attend. Then the other half booked himself a trip. As for attending I could go either way but they do have a good concert, I’m just tired at the moment and bummed of the lack of Boo going. Anyone wanna go, we have an extra ticket at a debatable price.
Drop off art stuff for the Big Ass Craft Show
Things I’ll do cause he’s gone…(I get more done when I’m alone and get all domestic like)Cook something with my 18 inch zucchini…I have all the making for a fine grilling night (rained on last night’s parade) but I’m a tad scared to do it myself. I think I can handle reading instructions for a gas grill. But I have a lb of hamburger meat I need to use and a lb of asparagus with my name all over it. Boo isn’t that big of a fan of zuchs or eggplants which are two things I’ve hated until I was about 27 and now love.
Watch the Uninvited, the unborn and dexter til I pop… and see what other crap is on tv that I can watch without any judgment of my poor taste. (BTW have you seen the preview for Zombieland, its like a horror wet dream because half of the fun of horror is the ridiculousness of it all.)
Wash and change all linens in the house.
Replace shower curtain
Clean toilet
Possible try cheese making for the 3rd time before I learn the first rule of cheese making is just go buy some damn cheese. Really a horrid thing to list under clean toilet.
Stay up late which I only do when I’m alone and at home for some reason.
Read my new altered arts book (which I’m in) by my friend, wedding sign in book creator, and just awesome person – Roni. If you ever think about playing with collagy alter artsyness I highly recommend this book to send you on your way. She's the second best out there.. the first would be that guy who pretty much created the whole movement.
Read the new knit scene lent to me.
Possibly make pickles with the latest haul.
Knit, coffee, knit, coffee, knit.
I’m so stoked.. watch me have panic attacks and shit by Sunday morning. My boy keeps me sane sometimes, it makes no sense but sometimes when I’m alone for too long the crazy pops up for no good reason. It really can ruin a much looked forward to day.


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