Friday, July 24, 2009

Little miss muffet said fuck it...

Alright, since half the internet world of the female persuasion is at blogher and live twitter/blogging I'll keep an update of my cool life here in the STL..
One thing I didn't list but is so what i do when Boo is gone is get Pizza World. The other third as I now will call her lovingly and appreciatively, suggested pizza world and I was game, plus she was dropping off cupcakes from a pilgrimage. She showed up actually with two cupcakes and my favorite type of donut. (sprinkles) I may have to stage an intervention for her to get back to her rockstar life change, that and I was losing a few lbs and I'd prefer them not back. Anyway I digress, she is very giving and awesome, I just feel blech from too much sugar and my below failure.
Boo got three gifts for his birthday. I had to nudge him to use two of them (in the future there is a good chance on little to no giftage as he tends to not like them even though i think i know my husband). As I made attempt #3 this evening at making cheese, I say fuck it, if i want cheese I'll hit the store, its not like you can't get decent mozzerella there anyway, its as trendy as hell. I feel a bit short bus for my failure and now will stroll of to manically cleaning while watching dexter as that will make me feel like i accomplished something in my weekend de me. As for the Boo nonsense, in VT he was very motivated for fun groovy activities like gardening and cheese making type things. It must be something in the air up there because I know its not his thing here but I keep trying cause I'm a chick, we push, its what we do. I should appreciate what he does do, he mows the lawn (or green field of allergy death) which he had never done before this year (not many lawns in hong kong) and he is the master of laundry, its more of a hobby than a chore for him, and he's a redonkulous awesome cook which he didn't do at all when I met him.


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