Friday, January 19, 2007

When you dip, I dip we dip

So in my shit together thing I'm doing now I'm signed up to show Simon in an agility show in February. We'll suck and probably dq but at leat i did it... I also bought my Buby flowers already for her Feb 13th...and have my mom b-day present for April.... On the not getting my shit together list I've been making more and more knitting mistakes which leads me to rip stuff out..bummer.

Any way onto the shuffle... this is last friday's shuffle that i forgot to post...

Colonel Josh’s BBQ Asylum Street Spankers
Lee Harvey Asylum Street Spankers
New Genius – Gorillaz
Antifreeze – Asylum Street Spankers
Unbelievable – EMF
Purple Rain – Prince
Bombs over Bahgdad – Oukast
Give up the funk- Parliament
Tipsy –J-Kwon
California Love- Tupac and Dre


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