Tuesday, January 16, 2007

So here's the thing about migranes...

migraines can make you nauseous and feel like shit. Sometimes you just feel like crap but don't feel like you're gonna puke. You then take meds to attempt to rid yourself of said migraine. Those meds also can make you feel nauseous... They also should be taken with food to prevent that but it doesn't always work. So you take meds for headache where you possibly need to eat or need to puke.... it may or may not make you feel better so in theory you can have a headache, take meds, feel worse. You might feel better but unfortunately its a crapshoot. This time the crapshoot is not in my favor...
I will admit though I've had less migraines as of late and so this 4 day old creeping up thing is really not something I should be all that surprised by.


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