Sunday, January 21, 2007

Veggies are good, mkay?

So I went to Jay's Grocery on Saturday before a little socializing with a coworker. I stocked up on all sorta of yummy stuff. Although I am only cooking for one, every once in a while i get my wok on... Usually its more authentic Chinese food inspired by Boo the Chinaman.... The great thing is that a lot of the stuff that can go in the meals are preserved or canned with the right amount of fresh veggies.....or lately Trader Joe's frozen veggies which are pretty darn great. It works for me cause I'm a spur of the moment cooker.
I need some bread now cause I'm a bit stoked about the kalamata spread. Or some roasted peppers...oh the choices...Maybe some mozzarella too...
Mr. Duane must be so proud of me getting all foodie.....


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