Saturday, December 08, 2007

Go to bed late, sleep late, bad shit happens

Riley's stomach is off... I woke up late to poop all over the hallway (He's been waking me to go outside but I don't know if I was Lunestad up or he just felt bad and had no choice)...normally he'd eat his evidence(cause he's stupid and weird) but he was busy puking through the house so he was less than tempted. So I've cleaned up like 7 or 8 spots of puke and found a plastic piece (center numbered part of a row counter) He ate it months and months ago and I so will be washing my carpet later today. He's contained in his cage now which is where i originally found him puking but now I've cleaned it all up and traded out beds...i tried giving him a little neutral bread which he didn't want cause food is less than exciting, he ate some later and then guess what...puked it now he is sequestered to his cage with water....
Its a pukerific morning.....see I don't need no babies to experience the joy of weird stories of puke and poop to share with all.


Blogger maitai said...

ummm YUCKY! billie did that once. poor guy had some massive diarrhea in the middle of the night. i didn't wake up in time to take him out!

1:07 PM  

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