Thursday, December 27, 2007

Why wait til the end of the year.

Parent visit is upon us as is the need to organize and clean out the house. So here is a detailed timed evening. Its so exciting you may fall asleep.

I have cleaned out rubbermaid organizers and sorted by owner.....labeled with initials... looks like I have a drawer set belonging to the KKK and another that is hungry, MMMmmm. Took out trash, cleaned out fridge, packed up with new stuff. Took all the newspapers and put them in a paper bag for recycling. Put all the 100 calorie snacks in one box/bin that can be picked over at snackers delight.

Just got off of phone with parents. Called to ask dad to help replace drain unit in sink.. I can't get the nut undone... ahem.... Dad doesn't do stuff but maybe asking will do miracles. Took opportunity of broken sink to take stuff from under it downstairs. No reason to have 4 backup soaps under the sink. I have a roomie who likes to shop.. I on the other hand see an inch left of soap and get another, maybe two.... off to go make the clock go back and hour in the bathroom. oh yeah, took this long to do it

Cleaned cat litter. Ran out of liners. Night is getting really old quickly and dogs want some love, I've been gone for a week after all.. Ziggy is currently standing on my back and I type this.. unless he plans to massage his little needy butt needs to get off. Got pee on me when cleaning cat litter... life is great.. Missed call from the dude due to said pee.
Found charger for old purple drill..charging it now, doesn't look like it has any life. It was my first power tool and from my mom. Probably was 5 bucks and I'm just a sentimental dork.
Dog puked. Think he may have gotten a cookie when I was cleaning.. he of course ate up the evidence immediately.. and it was the good dog....Started laundry....
Cleaned up crap all over, more laundry, talked with the dude, taught a little photoshopping, have had a pearl necklace stuck in my head for a few hours.. not a physical stuck necklace. Tossed brown bananas and greenish white banana muffins. Making soy mac and cheez for dinner.
Done, ish...The animals are crying for love, the kitchen is clean, living room straightened. did a little cleaning and unpacking in my room, cleaned a little in K's room. Took out trash, tried to take pictures of crappy holiday gifts.... all in all a productive night...


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