Thursday, December 27, 2007

2008 Resolutions

So i don't usually do resolutions but I'm cranky and think i need some this year... last year I decided to drink more water which i did.

This year's goals:
1. Gain more control of my home. IE bringing in the paper that day, lawn not a mess, inside not a mess. No overflowing tables. I think to obtain this I will need to make some changes but I forsee many changes in my housing this year. One will probably be to park outfront again so I see these home needs. Details will have to be figured out since there is another driver in my home. From the back its hard to see what goes on out front.
2. Finish painting inside trim.
3. Touch up bedroom paint
4. Learn to sew skirts.
5. Do laundry more often and put away faster.
6. Leave less piles of "to go through"
7. Get another agility leg with Simon.
8. Get weight below the current bracket.
9. Each more veggies.
10. Sure seems like there should be a ten. Maybe get back to scrapping more.


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