Sunday, December 16, 2007

Poor pup

So Rileypants has been sick all week. He has been acting fine so I figure its he is stupid self, eating crap he shouldn't and then messing up his tummy.... Well I'm trying one more remedy and then its poop testing time. He may be acting fine but the darn dog needs some food to stay in his system one way or the other. I didn't take lunesta last night so I would be awake when he needed to go out... I forgot how much I'd wake up during the night.
Meanwhile have you tried to blog with a cat on you.. darn mildew wants attention but she isn't a sit still sort of cat, she is a walk all over you kneeding her way about....
Back to Rileypants... poor dingo looks silly as hell.. after bathing him multiple times this week he got his butthair cut... his pants are now shorts.... Its hair, it will grow back, right? Hell he doesn't care, he just wants to go outside and eat and the icecream buffet... both pups are thrilled about the snow and Riley thinks he gets ice cube/cream delights for ever... it just water dude, just water...


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