Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oh the photoshoppery

So i'm not so thrilled with my current hair color, i'm too old to like the red that looks pink to me. Not that on purpose rocking pink either... So i go through kara's haircut magazine. I can't stop, can't look away...these women are so overly photoshoped that they look like wax figures or like their face is patched on. Too much photoshopping doesn't make the pic better...
And it doesn't solve my hair stuff. I really want it strawberry blond with super blond highlights. I'd settle for a brown with super blond hightlights ala 1997 rock girl but i never get my blond as extreme as i'd like it,maybe I should use Fun Betty (NSFW, kinda) and don't really highlight it so well...but hey, at least if my hair looks bad I could actually photoshop it to look cooler than those magazine girls...of course its hard to photoshop yourself in regular life.... what with me actually being a real person and not a pile of pixels.

ps. I'd show pics if i could find them. Think Lucious Jackson- Naked eye sort of colors


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