Sunday, June 17, 2007

so this is what, the 3rd or 4th night i can't sleep this week.

Too many people are getting my mind all riled up and I'm getting ticked. A lot of its a boy and then alot is family. I'm sort of in a state of purgatory and not sure if I will pass and go to the white pearlys or to the hot flames. A bunch of stuff i should probably keep off here but that jury is still out on that one. I don't know if I'm the stupid PITA chick or if I'm reasonable and level headed with reasonable expectations and a great desire for everything to end up ok.
Anyway its about two weeks til my parents go on their vacation....guess that will be good. There should be lots of positive fun things to talk about then. I've got no summer vacation plans. I could visit Boo but he is uprooted right now not sure where he will be in months time. I still have no plane ticket to wedding that I'm pretty sure they don't like whiteys or just don't like me.
So Boo hasn't asked much about me in a bit cause he can't keep track or just doesn't know whats going on in my life so I"m gonna get it out here now... My garden is looking fab. I tied up my squash today and have flowers on my tomatoes, the beans are coming up but peas are failing. Alot of my flowers are on the cusp of budding. I've been trying to spring clean the house and start on some more repairs. Ironic how Boo is in VT doing manual labor while I've always done it here. I need to work on my lawn a bit more where I pulled out rocks. I really need new shed doors and my bedroom doors screws are coming out. Not sure how to fix that other than patching the hole and redrilling.
My sliced finger is really causing trouble so that makes it all alot more difficult. The yarn dying is going well although I'm petsitting this week so no yarn work probably. I am knitting just no dying. I also want to /need to find a few yarns to dye and am not sure what i want or what is good. The Merino/nylon yarn is great and I've been knitting with it but selling it just sits. I'd love to find a merino tencel but nothing reasonable is out there. I started a pair of socks where the yarn make me think of malabrigo coloring but instead its dyed by me :) We are having troubles with the pet sitting and I need to stop offering because its not going well. My riley and simon have been extra cuddley with the other Riley visiting and getting bossy. They are looking to me for safety. I bought a kids pool today and me and simon soaked and he played with the others and then would crash into the pool. My Riley has been so good lately that I really send out kudos the powers that be that he's gotten some messages through to his little noggin. I'm not sure about agility this summer because i don't know whats going on schedule wise plus there are shows that I don't know if they will push class off a week or go on at teh same time which means a waste of class pay.
Work has been crazy and there is alot of drama going on. I'm doing really well at keeping a good face on but it doesn't mean i'm not confused by the multiple directions and possible work I should be doing as long as someone follows through with it after i've done the hard part. If no one follows through then its all for naught and that stinks.
Monday I think I'm supposed to get together with old friend but she hasn't confirmed yet... for monday.. Good old shoes... just sitting around waiting to hear what people want to do. What does Shoes want... to knit, to read, to garden to play with the animals. Oh and shop, i've had a shopping kick so I got my roomie's present for her b-day. Although also part of the twist in the travel situation. I don't want to miss her birthday and its located near traveling time if i want to Boo. But if I'm so stressed with boo i don't know if i want to see him. I'm trying to give him time but patience is not my high point. He's going to need to stand up to family there and pass on activities so that he can do his work, call his woman, and take care of his responsibilities.
And one last pet peeve here. My boyfriend is 900 miles away...would it kill him to send me a love note once in a while. It could be filled with a knock knock fart joke. I'd be pleased as peaches. I know he's having issues but I've gotten one note in the 2 years he's been gone. Apparently it would kill him cause I had to ask if he got my birthday present for him... take about let down in a feeling when you have to do that.


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