Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dear Uncle Woodrow

I don't know aren't my uncle and I've told you 80 year old sounding self that you have the wrong number.... You sound like you are calling a 2nd cousin that you want to hook up with... a little snuggle snuggle if ya hear me.
Knitting tonight... I may finish my pair of sock...may not...
I left my stupid ipod cord at work..
I actually have songs to add today to my ipod...
they include:
Roger Miller
Manfred Mann
George Thurgood who i hear is in town this week...
Today theme at work today was Shoes isn't 50 but she knows all the dumb ass songs from the 50's and the 60s...So me and the 60 year old stoned swapped all afternoon...
Because I know the gyspy with the gold capped tooth, Loh she was so lovey dovey, gotta make an ugly woman your wife cause they're coming to take me away to the funny farm, in my little gto, and my hot- rod- Lincoln.


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