Thursday, June 21, 2007

and this is why we don't like baby bunnies

So I've had some baby bunnies between my house and the house next door. I hate finding the baby bunnies. They're nothing but trouble and grow up to eat my garden and be scary with their big rabbit selves. Yes I'm a bit afraid of the cottontail. They seem bigger then I remember. I tend to picture rabbits to be the tinier like this eastern cotton tail and am wrong...Today as I water my garden I notice the rabbits are gone. Thank goodness. I worry about little bunny massacres. So I go on my merry way and see Simon pawing at a corner by my gate. Crap, the bunnies. I tell him to stop but he's excited. He loved the guinea pigs. I'm freaking out cause visiting Riley kills the toys and bunny are much like toys but with beadier eyes... So I go to the shed to get gloves to move the bunnies. I move one back to its home, and go for the second. Both are back and I go back to watering the garden. I suddenly hear massive screaming from a baby bunny. Shit, the dogs got out because for some reason I thought they'd be able to look and not touch the tempting little bunnies. My gate was shut but there is no lock. What kinda of idiot am I...I grab dogs and make sure mouths are empty.. Okay only the one cause the other is begging me to let them be his friend. "Can I keep them mom? Can I? Can I? I'll clean up their poop."

Riley "one point oh" is still in the yard going, hey mom, "i think the other dogs are up to something."

I herd two back to the yard and now have running bunnies towards me screaming to help them.. I pick the two up to put away and make sure i don't need to put one out of its misery. Suddenly the other dog (visiting Riley) runs towards the shed and I hear a racket.. Shit, there must be three baby bunnies...So I have two bunnies in one hand and am trying to get the dogs inside, not let out cats and not squeeze the bunnies to death. I finally get dogs in, put two bunnies away, grab ugly third bunny who is bigger and not as cute. I go to put him away and see 2nd baby bunny running in my yard. Adorable but not what i had in mind. I walk towards him and he stops and flattens out. Yeah I can't see you mr. baby bunny.

I need to still get them out of the yard because Riley 1.0 has to go potty. I'm convinced two are boys and ones a girl. First bunny is a boy, i saw his nads, third bunny is bigger, Second bunny stayed in her home after i put her back and continued with my watering while one and three were petrified against the wall trying to hide. As I walk back to the house I see girl bunny napping in her home. She has to be the girl. Boys are stupid.

So now I'm back inside and to the tune of "okay george" I have three dogs who wanna go out side and see the entertainment some more. "I wanna bunny ma, a bunny.... " "hey guys did you see the bunny, didja, didja?"


Blogger daiva e said...

Yes, they're cute, but they're also the reason I can't plant any form of daisy in my backyard. They (the daisies) get eaten overnight - roots and all. Not so much of a problem anymore - Miss Cuddles does her best to keep their numbers down.

8:23 PM  
Anonymous Jenn said...

Yay for saving the baby bunnies!

9:18 PM  
Blogger Annie said...

Oh, gak, such bunny drama. Sorry, Jenn, but I'm with Riley. Play, play, play with the bunnies until they "go away"... I'm a horrible person.

10:03 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

You saved the bunnies!

7:14 AM  
Blogger Ann said...

Of course the smart bunny had to be female! You post gave me quite a painted a very funny picture of the event.

10:05 PM  
Blogger nicole said...

Poor bunnies! I have to say, though, they're EVERYWHERE this spring/summer and they're not so smart yet. Scout desperately wants one too.

11:18 AM  

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