Monday, December 29, 2008

My Trip to Vermont the 6th edition or there abouts...

Comes sans pictures from this trip, supplemental pics from previous trips... there is so much to share so excuse the choppiness of the writing.
Second leg of flight the man next to me who was stinky and very friendly ordered a water. US Airways doesn't give drinks. He chugs it down and then proceeds to do chew for two hours and spit in his bottle. Ew gross.
We get off plane and I swear it took me 3 bathrooms to find one before our 1.5 hour drive to the Boy's aunt's home. Luckily she picked us up because it was supposed to be bad weather the next day and we didn't think we'd be able to get a rental at our late hour of arrival. She also informed us that the living room was being redone and we'd all be in a small room by the fireplace (my favorite location). We had lots of dogs and cats and people all in a small area but it was cozy and nice.
Chrismas Eve we woke up at decent hour even though we went to bed at 3 am. We were informed on the ride back from the airport that Buttercup had been turned to hamburger as she tried for a third time to kill her calf. She succeeded the second time. So they had a two month old calf that needed to be bottlefed, Tanzy. She apparently was a friendly thing about the size of a great pyrenees and runs around loose during barn chores with the dogs.. seriously cows can haul ass. Anyway she was being bottle fed so that because my happy job for the rest of the trip, seriously, i could handle it and she was love dovey. Whats a 75 lb calf anyway :P The calf shown here is her full brother and she was half his size with curlier hair.
I went back to the home to find out the teenager likes me this time and so we had a really nice trip this time. Very talkative and friendly.
Christmas morning we drank coffee putting off chores. The uncle goes to do chores and yells, there are cow prints in the driveway! We get suited up and go out to find that Daisy the pregnant cow had escaped her barn area that was too keep her safe during the end of her pregnancy and she broke into the regular cow field, hence letting out all the other cows. She had the gate door stuck on her and she fell over in the field so they had to help heave a 1000 lb cow up in two feet of snow while avoiding her very large horns. She got pulled up and back in the barn and all other cows were rounded up.
We went to the other aunt's home for dinner and one adult stayed back to keep an eye on Daisy. We had a really nice dinner just the 6 of us and some dog playing fun. Did I mention one family has 4 border collies and one family has one border collie, 3 of the 5 are 6 month old siblings. We came home, chatted. Daisy seemed to be okay although the vet would come out the day after xmas to see if her leg was broken. The uncle went off to do night feeding of the calf and we got a ring not long after. Daisy was having the calf! The aunt didn't think it would be a live birth but i tried to not let it get me down cause she can have that negative side. We all ran out to the barn at 10:45/11 pm and watched her struggling with her injury. About a half hour in we started to see hooves... It took her longer than usual but eventually we saw legs and nose... I also saw the aunt helping stretch out the openning... ew, ew, ew...The baby was pulled out and turned out to be alive and a boy. He was born at 11:30 on Xmas and was named Ferdinand... I know, it should have so been something more xmasy. We hung around for a while longer and watched him get cleaned and start walking. It was sorta like a zombie movie, cool, but gross as hell. Massive fluids, gels, etc and oh the stretching.... My toes were freezing so i went and hung out with Tanzy a little and she warmed me up. Definately put me at an advantage when we returned home and my toes were the only ones with feeling.
The day after xmas we did chinese hot pot, a favorite dish of mine. I went to see Ferdinand a few times but he was always asleep. Daisy had a broken hip, she may be okay, if not, well, it a farm... you know how these things work... Eventually I caught him awake, fun little buckaroo. I did knitting with one aunt while a cousin sewed her cool clothing prints she's been doing. Eventually it was the day for us to leave. We woke up to two extra dogs, they had been found straying on the road. The other four dogs and a cat all came running into our room and got locked in there with us by accident. The stray's owners were already called and the dogs were safely kept in the kitchen away from the hoards of other animals.
We eventually went to the airport and found out we had some delays. We also got stuck on the runway and were certain we'd miss our connection. When we landed in philly we ran to our next leg of the trip which also included a shuttle drive. We found out that it was delayed and let me just say i sighed from relief and I couldn't breathe from running. We even had time for my silver lining, philly soft pretzels. They were fantastic! Better than usual, i swear..
So that was my trip, it was good, and not boring in the least. I read more of the sookie stackhouse mysteries and finished Boo's first Thuja sock. His cousin loves the gloves he made her. I do have pics of those but its on the camera and i can't find the cord. The problem with traveling is we "clean" up before... so added to my list of things missing which includes things i can't for the life of me figure how i lost them.
Now folks, we gotta talk, i am not pregnant, don't plan to be....the cow gave birth, not me... i plan to adopt and not for a long ass time. I did get better once i got to VT which was nice... perhaps it was Missouri allergies...Zombie goo, its the cow... not me....if I do get pregnant please, send zombies to eat my brains.....


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Such a cool trip! How awesome to play with newbies!

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Blogger maitai said...

oh my gosh those cows are BEAUTIFUL! i think i'd love it in vermont.

i was just teasing about being knocked up. it would've been ridiculously funny...and also ridiculous!

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