Saturday, December 20, 2008

3 good things

Can you name three good things from today? Give it a whirl.....i used to do it daily and it was 5 things... it gave me a more positive outlook on the little things.
My three things:
I found my headset for my phone, I have been missing it for months
I biked for a half an hour. We went to the dog park where we got very very muddy and I definately needed to shower but i decided to squeeze some sweat in first.
I took a half hour shower with a great hairwash and conditioning.
Bonus: I got into fresh pjs and fleece and am in pink from head to toe...
Whats your three for today?


Blogger maitai said...

this is a great idea! sounds like you guys had fun in the dog park. sometimes it's nice to get muddy and gross :)

10:39 PM  

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