Friday, December 05, 2008

weekend break down

Well I have no quality statements so here is the weekend breakdown:
  • Lunch today: go to whole foods for my part of pot luck tomorrow
  • 3 pm, decorate work for holidays.. meaning i sit on my ass while they work.
  • Go home, wrap one stocking stuffer.
  • Assuming i'm awake after work, go to Chez Kara for some cat time and girl time.
  • Tomorrow get up and work Big Ass Indy from 10-1, go home, go to work party at 3:30 til who knows when, 4 house progressive dinner with Trolley ride between each place, First place starts with martinis, second bloody mary's. I'm set.
  • Sunday sleep in.
  • Sunday 3 pm, knitting
  • Leave knitting early, go pick up big ass product.
  • Hurry home, Flower girl comes over with mom that is bringing dinner. Help her with school project to make poster about her self.
Weekend over, back to work. Hopefully work will slow down. We usually do a proposal a month and in the last 3 weeks we've done like 8 as well as many big ass deadlines for big ass projects. Meanwhile I am knitting gifts as well as buying. I was supposed to have the wedding albums made by xmas and haven't started. We are making it digitally and getting it printed by shutterfly or the likes. So thats the world according to me. I finished a wrist warmer project as has Boo. Haven't photographed them yet but they are toasty toasty warm.


Blogger kim4life said...

Busy weekend = fast!! Hopefully next week goes a better!

9:05 PM  

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